We are a small company that was founded  back in 2017 as a countertops installer group ( Edgar and Silvestre). While Edgar was working as a shop manager for  a fabrication company here in Jacksonville, FL and Silvestre was working for a landscaping company , he invited me to do one installation of countertops with him , few weeks after that one installation we decided to incorporate our business .

I (Silvestre) without any experience in the field decided to quit my job that I had for over 10 years to start this business , and started working for the same company that Edgar was working for as a countertops templator  in the mornings to get back to the shop at around 3 PM to load up our kitchen to go and install.

After doing that for about one year we got our second installation group and my brother joined us in the team. We continued working for the same company for one more year and we decided that it was time to start working for ourselves .

In 2020 we open up our Facebook page and set up our google business account , short after that we started to advertise  and while the customers were coming to us we did not have our own fabrication shop , but after 6 months of hard work and thanks to the customers that trusted us with their projects we finally open up our own fabrication shop 3 months before the end of the year.

We do not have a very fancy location , or brand new bridge saw with laser template ( we use plastic template strips ) we know exactly what we are doing , Edgar with his almost 17 years of experience always makes sure every kitchen that leaves our shop is in more than perfect condition to be installed.