• Granite (natural stone) is one of the most durable products available for countertop use and is scratch, stain, and heat resistant.

  • Due to the unique character of granite, the color and grain can differ from slab so slab .

  • Wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from our locals wholesale suppliers.

  • Granite as in any other natural stone will require sealer from the customer at least every year after installation.

  • From simple colors and patterns (level one granite) to the most beautiful hues and patterns (exotic granite)


  • Quartz is one of the hardest minerals on Earth. Because of its strength and abundance, quartz is a popular and reliable choice for countertops.

  • Quartz countertops are sometimes referred to as “engineered” or “man-made,” but quartz is in fact a natural stone. The amount of natural quartz in a slab depends on the quartz manufacturer.

  • All of our wholesale suppliers carry a wide variety of quartz , from simple color and designs to some of the most beautiful patters you will find.

  • The best thing about using quartz for your project is that unlike granite , you will get the same hues and patterns on every countertop .


  • Dolomite is a unique natural stone that offers the aesthetic appeal of marble along with the durability of granite.

  • Harder than marble but softer than granite, dolomite provides the perfect balance of durability and visual appeal. As it is a natural stone, the veining and patterns found on each slab of dolomite is unique and cannot be replicated or reproduced.


  • Marble is metamorphic or sedimentary in origin, with a smooth surface typically striated with veins of minerals.

  • Marble should be thoroughly and regularly protected with a sealant. Keep in mind that marble’s composition is naturally prone to stain, even if sealed, so be sure to clean up spills as they happen.

  • Acidic liquids, such as lemon juice, tomato sauce and citrus are unfriendly to marble and can etch into the stone.